28 November 2008

To make my day complete & happy...

...I had a seizure on Wednesday afternoon, plus some of the people in between have been accurately pointing out details in the methods which a self-declared (really: an un-declared one) enemy has been using to take problems caused directly & solely by them, & contrive to have them blamed on me.

It was encouraging to see people whom I hardly even recognise gathering to check that I have recovered (the CT & Xray scans seem to be fine), & to have near-complete strangers volunteer their friendship (which was a tad distracting for a few voluptuous (blonde, as it happens) European lasses).

It is also encouraging to note that I have far more direct connections with the meta-victims of the lying, deceitful enemy, so I can (amongst other things) provide them with a more complete (& self-consistent) description of events, & also answer their direct questions for details which are essentially impossible to invent in such detail & completeness.

Finally, I have discovered a sickness which seems to match the deceiver’s idiocy. This may give me an official handle as leverage for compelling them to be at least partially reasonable. It would be healing to have them face their guilt — at least WRT my fine self — & beyond marvellous to free their manipulated effectively-prisoners.


PaulWay said...

Hi Leon,

Sorry to hear of your seizure; glad you've got back on your feet and are back into things. Your courage, determination and good humour in the face of your trials and tribulations is an inspiration to me and I'm sure many others.

Keep up the good work,


Leon RJ Brooks said...

Thanks, Paul; glad to know that at least a few people are getting some genuinely productive use out of this.

I have also had people from no less than 7 other countries assert that the deceiver cannot do what they have evidently done, so when they force things into court, perhaps a few key legal people will face the same insight.