01 October 2008


Problem: workplace is perennially unable to maintain a hot-drink mug that I can use.

Solution: spend a small amount of cash roughly equivalent to 20 seconds of my working time acquiring a mug from Crazy Clarks en route to work.

Benefit: problem solved, would have spent more time looking for (& failing to find) a mug than I did acquiring a new one (micro-economics), workmates quietly amused.

Problem: I acquired an extra can-opener in the course of replacing a damaged (DOA) one.

Solution: donate the opener to said office, which now has can manipulation facilities.

Benefit: more storage space for me. Loss: the opener cost $1.99 a week ago, would have fetched $3.49 if returnable stand-alone but needed a receipt I don’t have.

Comment: being disconnected from the Liar/Gross (LG) has many benefits (a pleasant Thai girl had me list them out), but has not yet overcome the physical/financial damage done by LG, so $1.50 makes a significant difference to basic items like what I eat (micro-economics).


nick said...

Be smart to manage your budget. Same thing for the country.

Leon RJ Brooks said...

Yah, when I have a budget. (-: