16 October 2008


Some of y’all may wonder what disability is really all about. Some obviously disabled people need to cripple around in special wheelchairs, others just seem to wear the tag, no more.

I know a bloke, call him the Complete Far-gone Aerosol (CFA) who is on Disability Pension, wears the blue sticker on his cars, uses said sticker to boot others out of the wheelchair-on-blue parking bays, the whole deal. He also goes “roo” (wallaby) shooting, with rifles, using 4WDs, of an evening. CFA is evidently not disabled, just enjoys claiming that he is.

In Real Life™, CFA enjoys the insurance payout for an industrial accident, but is not practically disabled in the slightest. CFA is also quite willing to lie, to destroy social arrangements which others live by, & at the same time facetiously claim underpriviledge & that the world owes him a living.

I have also watched (heard) CFA’s (illegimate) wife willingly lie to support his lies, & watch losers they’ve sucked into their cult (one uses a Latin name which means “new understanding” which is in fact another lie, since the understanding they are welded to is very old, very useless — let’s call the cult “Lumenati”) believe both (conflicting) sets of lies at once.

Thanks to CFA, many people (justifiably) treat other disabled people with contempt.

My own experience has been a little different. I make no special claims, wear no special sticker, try to get on with my life as best I can. That works for me.

In terms of direct physical disability, I seem to have worked past most of that.

Today, I settled down to eliminate a relatively minor but pressing problem: to get Internet access (like now) I need to sit down in a public wireless area with my laptop. The laptop is second-hand, & while a very good deal, only lasts about an hour.

Some of the people I contact over the Internet are very valuable from a healing perspective, amongst other things helping me to recover from damage inflicted by Lumenati cult members, so contact with them is valuable, possibly even literally vital.

So... I fetched a car battery which someone had thrown out. A bit heavy to carry, even on a push-bike tray, but it has an overwhelming advantage: it was free.

To that, I added a laptop adapter — the shop which sells these (has moved over 20 000, so a 0.15% return rate would mean 30 returns) collects the adapter plugs, so had one available for this laptop for free.

Now I needed to put amps into the battery, but nobody in Perth CBD had a charger, bar one shop which started at $79 — out of my range — & another which has a solar charger (sadly, most contacts are needed at night, plus there is nowhere safe here to rest a solar panel).

Today, I found a suburban shop which had a functional-but-not-fancy charger for $20. Sadly, at the moment, that is still too much. Yet some people expect me to give them mucho money. Go figure? So I looked around.

I found a broken DC plugpak with an intact transformer. Spent a massive $1.40 on a bridge-rectifier & regulator (LM317), got given a free-but-broken computer power supply which will yield electrolytic capacitors, wire, heatsinks & the like.

In the bad old days, it would have all been over in 15-30 minutes, but the damage from my accident has made figuring out & implementing such things difficult. I have spent half a day so far, & have not even assembled a working charger yet, even though it will have only a dozen components, roughly, all up.

This exemplifies many of the ex nihilo problems I now face. By far the majority are not so relatively trivial. What was easy is now hard.

Everything is hard.

Sooner or later, ICWA will sort out some accident compensation, which will definitely help, but will not stop everything from having become intrinsically difficult.

There is much more damage than was overtly inflicted by the selfish, lying, malicious Lumenati, including me being more vulnerable to scammers. Handily, I sprung one before anything tragic happened, & in the process met a stunning & markedly competent Hawaiian lass, with an 8yod bearing her Mum’s smile — which Nigeria knew nothing about. Things might not have escaped so placidly.

Weirdly enough, up until mid-June (when I ran out of resources to be polite through) I have had to sit down with 10 different women & find ways with them (not over, through or past them) to meet their needs without marrying me. Since then, I face 7 more. Oddly enough (you though this was weird to start with, right?), 5 of those 7 require rampant sex as part of the deal, but 2 seek marriage because I will not force such on them in any way.

Despite the fact that I am intrinsically non-violent, the next idiot to suggest (& some losers have done exactly so) that I’m a free-loader is probably going to suffer a rapid but thorough Blundstone Enema.

More details when I have time, including actual computer stuff...


Mikal said...

I sympathize with your comments about disabled parking and some people's abuse leading to it being harder for others. About 10 years ago Catherine spent a while in a wheelchair. I used to park the car, and in the time it would take me to get out, and walk around to the boot to get the wheelchair out people would shout abuse.

They all seemed to disappear when I pulled the wheelchair out and walked around to the front passenger seat to help Catherine out.

There is another interpretation though -- there are a simply a lot of idiots in the world.

Leon RJ Brooks said...

A lot of idiots?


More than that, they seem to have a common theme. I think it works about like this: whatever I imagine is right, by definition. This makes everything else suspect, so I need to distrust that — even treat it with contempt — & defend my own (pointless, vain) dignity to the death... but not get caught/embarrassed.

Put very simply, each human being is unique, inherently worth no less than you (many people are a surprisingly positive experience, stealthed in mundanity), which makes “idiot” a massive understatement.

Thanks for commenting, Mikal.

Anonymous said...

I once investigated getting a disabled parking permit for a very specific reason. I suffer from Crohn's disease, which, while not a true handicap, can sometimes make my distance from a working toilet a very urgent matter indeed. I didnt plan on ever using it except for the rare times that I needed parking *now*, and even then I planned to move the car as soon as my urgent needs were met.

In the end, I wasnt able to get one. Meanwhile, I know several people who have them who dont qualify by anyone's measure...

The system is broken, but its more to do with people abusing it I think. Legitimate needs are overlooked in favour of those who have access to a doctor with no morals.

Leon RJ Brooks said...

Meanwhile, I know several people who have them who don’t qualify by anyone’s measure...

Behold, the Peter Principle at work. People rising to one step beyond their disability?

Legitimate needs are overlooked in favour of those who have access to a doctor with no morals.

Or not even a doctor. Just people with no morals. This is one crucial reason why I now refuse to deal with liars.

It is little wonder that any vaguely sensible philosophy excludes the dishonest, the selfish.

Selfishness leads to self-delusion, which is, in short terms, insanity.

Comfort you anonymous self with the understanding that your competitor is borderline insane, so would probably self-justify anything they did — or wanted to do. I am (unfortunately) intimately familiar with this process.

That approach looks good in the short-term only. The end result is always tragedy.