13 September 2008

Salut to Sujabe...

...for keeping life worth living, despite the outright worst that some ingrates have done.

There are many others worth a gesture, but Su is far & away the most effective (-: & cute, too, an advantage which I myself have not the slightest hope of ever exhibiting :-) & is able to overlook annoyances & provokation from others a little, more than enough to keep herself usefully encouraging & to maintain an evil sense of humour plus 3 special children.

Thank you, Su & the many others.

Topical PostScript, WA’s LCA2010 bid is about to get off to a flying start. Thank you, our fearless [ well... a bit fearful, ’coz the guy’s got brainz & ’coz Trent has bid Patrick’s sanity an honourable farewell ] leader. (-:

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