17 September 2008

Public wireless in Perth CBD?

Bind your card to channel 4, ESSID of ENABLEnet, no encryption, then go & sit across the plaza from the city-side entrance to the Alexander State Library, with your laptop.

Run DHCP on your wireless interface (e.g. dhclient eth1).

The nearest power socket is in the nook on the south-ish side of PICA, which is about 3m outside wireless range for this hp/Compaq nx9040 (I think because of environment shape rather than actual distance), so a fully-charged battery is a great place to start.

Fire up a web browser, click on OK, the world is now yours. I can ssh (so of course scp) including to weird ports, which allows me to upload photos to my webserver (at about 2MB/s) without any setup.

I was able (once) to briefly connect from on the other side of the train tracks (near the Blood Bank) but this is not reliable.

Was able to chat with friends in the USA & Thailand. Can’t complain about the price.

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