11 September 2008


After dealing with ridiculous amounts of money a few days ago, & working all morning, I ran into a situation where unexpected expenses took $170 out of my hands, but large bank fees etc reduced my available funds to $5.92, plus 70c cash-in-hand.

I needed 30c more to buy containment for an item I needed to move about 12km, but could not find it. A nice lady discounted the item from $1 to 50c, while another nice lady drew 50c out of her purse anyway, so stuff got done, but the contrast between megabucks, maybe $400 in earnings, & a deficit of 30c was quite striking.

Micro-social-economics also showed a surprise: one I dialogue with abandoned a forum so abusers could get bored & wander off, but in the process dropped a few psych keystones which I think will allow me to deal effectively with an abuser of my own. Not, unfortunately the big one, but this, like the fleeing dialoguer, is a Deutschlander but who has had a negative effect of the same order or magnitude as the big one — AFAICT out of plain stupidity, rather than malice.

Meanwhile, I have a replacement for my PSU-died laptop, an hp nx9040, for the princely sum of $200. 512MB, 110GB, 1.5GHz, wireless, not bad for the price. It almost connects to a nearby public wireless LAN, but I also happen to have a stray wireless router around which may just make up the difference. This does not even begin to make up for the damage imposed by the big abuser, but does reduce the pressure in being able to get random things done ad hoc at arbitrary times.

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Leon RJ Brooks said...

Last night, to plough up the economics, I found a $20 note sitting on the footpath in Northbridge. Nobody around who could claim ownership. Neatly folded in half, crisp, clean. <shrug?>