06 August 2008

When upgrading Linux systems...

...make sure that the package sources are also updated.


‘Coz when the plug-pack charging your laptop fails, so you have to borrow the server as a workstation, you can install things like a Flash plugin, else certain features of a(nother) ’blog system you use simply don’t work. Mind you, I guess stuff like working security updates would be good, too.

WRT the other ’blog, after carefully explaining (up until mid June) to 10 other Australian women that they had better options than marrying me, I now have 7 newbies from all over the world (including Oz) who’ve selected me themselves (3 of them so far are making rampant sex a required part of the deal, all are quite pretty, a non-overlapping 3 are absolutely stunning), & have also had women from 7 different countries (including 2 of the above) explain that a certain liar in Tasmania can’t do what they’ve done. A well-qualified Oz insurance consultant notes that they might very well have done it, but is struggling to believe that they could be so evil & abusive, given their nominal role.

On a completely different topic, the place I’m staying at now has (amongst other things) a full woodworking tool-set, so I might see about starting PackMan over the next few weeks (see following post).

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