06 August 2008


At the moment, Perth is having trouble supplying cheap bed-frames for financially disadvantaged people to use in their homes (which are expensive enough already).

The place I’m staying at (-: thanks, Eddie :-) has a full woodworking tool-set, & is located near a small industrial area, from which I can obtain pallets & packing crates which would otherwise be discarded.

As a charitable enterprise, a work project, & a component of the green revolution, I’m investigating the possibility of splitting apart these assemblies & building furniture from it, starting with bed-frames.

The first few runs are of course going to look rough, but I hope to learn enough about woodworking to efficiently sand, plane &/or stain it to look better (& splinter less) as well.

The idea is to produce easily-accessible plans so that any bunch of randoms across Australia (conceptually, any industrialised country) could spend a few tens or hundreds of dollars on tools, & join the crew, hopefully contributing their own improvements as well. Think Open Source domestic engineering.

I’ll call this micro-enterprise something like PackMan, because it uses common/standard packing debris for manufacture.

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