10 July 2008

There's a light...

A bus came through a few minutes early today, so I got to see it turn from Erinna Rd down Mirabooka Ave & had to see alternatives. Wound up walking (says Google Maps) 43km today, which should keep me fit’n’healthy, but which had me catching #344 after dark.

I had a few minutes to wait, so I pulled out my bike headlamp, & (when the bus rounded the corner) held it in my hand so it lit up my (in hand) SmartRider card & the bus’s route number on the bus-stand sign.

This spun the driver out completely, but he was very glad that he had no doubt at all (from about ½km away) about whether someone there needed him to stop. (-:

Saw two excellent rental places during today’s expedition, which is a longer-term Good Thing.

I have a frustrating problem Skyping a person in Queensland, & it’s their router’s fault, but the specified cure involves them dinking around with the IP config on their PC, & exploring the router’s admin interface for a bit (actually, quite a few bytes), neither of which are relaxing exercises for a non-tech.

Well, I may get to visit them anyway, which would axe that problem in about 5 minutes.

Oddly enough, this end uses exactly the same router, but has no such problems (OTOH, they have to stand their router on edge so that it runs cooler, else it prangs about every day or two).

Ah... the wonders of modern technology...

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