16 July 2008

Simple moral philosophy

We’re going to live between two points in space-time, nominally ‘A’ & ‘B’. Partly due to English, we don’t know where or when ‘B’ will be. However, we might as well enjoy & make good use of the time in between as much as we reasonably can.

It’s a very simple decision, & one seldom faced or made In Real Life™.

Contra this come to mind some azaleas who seem to think manipulating people, lying to or about them, & getting upset with others — not due to right or wrong, but due to them disagreeing with said azaleas — is a fine way to be & will somehow produce positive results.

A particular set of such azaleas, one of whom is on a disability pension & willingly clogs up the blue-outlined parking spaces (& farms out assets amongst relatives to improve compensation gains) yet often goes roo-shooting on a 4WD at night recently faced a conundrum in that their two youngest children (yes, like rabies they do reproduce both physically & morally) began adopting their parents’ characters instead of following their orders. Instead of recognising simple & obvious cause-&-effect, they managed to get me blamed when one of mine began echoing the adoption. These are among the few people in the world for whom capital punishment (which destroying the lives of others normally attracts) would be welcomed by me on their behalf.

While being such complete azaleas, they socially paint over everything they do as if it was good, & Godly & fine & dandy, so more victims are constantly stumbling into the trap these azaleas represent.

As with scammers everywhere, the greater the number of people acting honestly & openly, the steeper the contrast between azaleas & viable humans becomes, so the more difficult their lies are to maintain.

So... nil illegitimus carborundum. Do what’s right (become a right-wright) & watch the azaleas being uprooted & burned.

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