18 July 2008

River of life?

As I blasted northwards up the Kwinana Freeway from Canning Highway towards the CBD today, I discovered that the left (western-most) lane was closed — for waves!

The Swan River was breaking right over the walls, cycleway, everything & drenching the lane completely.

It even soaked the windscreen of the ’Cruiser I was driving along the fast lane, so poor unfortunates rowing their Kias or Hyundais along closer to the surf basically had to raise periscopes...

Perth in general got whacked by the weather today, with things like trees broken across Risely Road south of Booragoon, roofs blown from car-yards on Stirling Highway (near my brilliant psychiatrist’s office in Claremont) & tiles from a pub in Freo.

I also had a stunningly pretty banana-bender complaining about floods, very relaxing to listen to (nice voice, too) but she was using old memories, & I think recuperating from having organised a hens’ night. Silly chook! (-: G/D/R :-)

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