16 June 2008

Updating Linux hardware... ACAICC2 live

ACAICC2 == “As Close As I Can Come To” but fits into the Title.

Plugging in extra RAM was a no-brainer... except that this laptop has a dodgey socket which allows the RAM to sit right — but not quite right. Sorted that out by removing/replugging & all was then fine.

PS, if anyone in Perth wants a 0.5GB SODIMM, give us a whistle via email (forename @ cyberknights domain).

I put a new 250GB hard drive into a caddy, plugged it into USB2 socket, was then able to cp across the live system (plus another 10Gb of data files via another USB2 caddy, which seemed to go faster, perhaps because it was coming from a new 200GB drive rather than an older 60GB), reconfigure grub for the new drive, fauxed as internal (sda not sdb), then I shut down services, cp’ed only changed files again (logs, etc: a few seconds), remounted all oft-modified partitions (/home, /var) on the new drive, brought up services. Now running effectively on new drive via USB2 with maybe 1 minute downtime.

At liberty... shut down, swap drives, power up, now running from 250GB drive internally, 60GB drive is removable, i.e., backup.

Didn’t bother making XP happy again, only ever used it for writing articles & WINE seems to run what I need now.

Semi-randomness so you recognise me posting: “I used to be indecisive, but now I wouldn’t be so sure.”

Pharmacist was in, with student/apprentice, fast-talked her way on ’phone into enough holiday+sick time to do what she wanted — a month off, plus half an hour — an art to behold. (-:

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