03 June 2008

Real Estate vortex

Getting a place to rent is harder than it used to be.

Rentals in Perth sort-of start at $200 a week for the basics, & house prices seem to launch from about $400k. Tried a couple of places around the $170 mark & faced over 10 competitors each time.

A pity, because some of those were in fairly convenient locations (good transport, shops, accessories like beaches).

They also require fairly lengthy commitments, which only sort-of fits with the idea of eluding the trap which has been established for me should I try to do anything real or useful in personal social terms.

Said trap could only be eluded by sacrificing the one remaining past component which I place any value at all on.

To say that “this hurts” would be a massive understatement, but by itself it outweighs any of the extensive personal erosion (yes, even the plethora of lies told to & about me) I’ve suffered in recent years — except one particular (non-malicious intent, for a change) alteration which completely outweighs the whole lot in aspects I’ve never before experienced. Never.

While I’m grateful for the exposed personal depth, the joy of my life [“joia,” italiano borrowed as “la gioia” from francais] would be to have that stunning breach in my life-space reassembled, which would also go an immense distance towards restoring my health & vitality.

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Leon Brooks said...

Blast, just been aced on a good one.

Price was held down because previous tenant had broken the lease, agent’s representative liked my paperwork, spent ~20 mins saying so to the receptionist over the intercom, receptionist also liked me, what was the problem?

FOAF of the owner jumped in at the last second, was granted the rental.