14 June 2008

Penne again...

...nice mushrooms, too. Tried a Mars Bar™ milkshake, which was not noticeably different to a Turkish Delight™ except the lumps were harder (& I’m such a softie that I’ll choose TD next time). Hmmm. May be I should help them to invent a Cheery Ripe™ version? (-:

I’ve had a stab at “instant” pizzas (Margarita or Cheese-n-Garlic plus ingredients like eggplant, dried tomato, olives etc) then nuked, & discovered that grilled capsicum (“oven toasted red peppers” according to IGA) adds a nice burst of flavour.

In other random news (’coz you need it :-) I discovered that living with a baby is an educational experience. Met a Mum trying to calm her whining 8wo, the quality of whine hinted at internal pain to me so I suggested she burp him. She reluctantly tried, got a burp, & sir immediately calmed down. A couple of minutes later, a similar whine started, so I met her eyes, raised my eyebrows, she nodded, sighed, said “Yeah, burp him” & stood up to walk around with sir. The end result (right down at the other end of the path) was a humongous burp & no more crying. Such simple wisdom, yet (pardon the abuse of English) so satisfying.

In yet other random news (’coz... never mind) I took a handful of photos to show in this laptop’s screen & draw from, since I seem to run out of time waiting for trains/buses/whatever whilst I’m drawing, otherwise — & it lets me snapshot moving or transient objects so I can draw them stationary (Latin, statiõnãrus).


Anonymous said...

i've had enough. your crap has been pissing me off for months and i'm just sick of it.

nobody's interested in reading about every bloody meal you have at a cafe. or your poor sad life falling apart. or your attempts to be mysterious about how horrible all the nasty people are to you. or whatever other rubbish you post about. it's JUST NOT INTERESTING.

so, PLEASE, either quit posting the crap or remove yourself from the Planet Linux Australia feed - you NEVER post anything relevant to linux anyway.

Leon Brooks said...

Relevant? Read it again. Then post onymously.

BTW, I’m not “attempting” to be mysterious, I’ve been ordered to be — mysterious, as you put it — by legal authorities. You can stuff around with them if you like, for me it ain’t worth the agony.

It’d be interesting to see how the vote comes out, ’coz I’ve had several people thank me for posting “whatever other rubbish” over the last few months.

Most people are not horrible. They’re great! I make the days of probably 50-100 people a week. It just so happens that a very few of them do waste their time (& mine) constantly doing stupid, pointless, destructive things & there’s no option to dodge that.

Rather than be destroyed by it, I practice catharsis, & some of the thanks are from people whom this has helped to avoid trouble.

Try doing what I often do, simply blip over stuff that’s not grabbing your attention. Sometimes it’s worth coming back to, sometimes it was an extra half-second’s blipping with no reward.

Alternatively, the sources are posted so you could make an expurgated version for your own viewing pleasure. Call it Plutoid Linux Australia, maybe?