27 June 2008

Easiest way to print HTML reliably?

OpenOffice Writer.

No, I kid you not. It quells all of the riotous JavaScript etc, gives you a plain layout, & best of all you & your friend the Delete key can have fun culling useless rubbish, making font sizes meaningful, readable, & you can save the most successful results as Writer (ODT) files for later.

Oddly enough, I’m starting to look forward to my email — even wading through a hundred or so spam a day — thanks to SMS (/ME WAVEs across 12 megameters).


GregoryO said...

Thanks for the tip. Someone at work wanted to edit her HTML email signature a moment ago. She's never edited HTML before in her life. I suggested swriter (as it is confusingly labeled by default in Windows XP's context menu), and she seems happy so far. It's pretty similar to MS Word, after all.

David Tangye said...

Hi Leon. I too found OOo great for this.

I just ran into a comment of yours on Kattekrabs blog. I had not heard from you for several years, but recall you having a bad health scare a while back. I trust you have things under control. Good to read your blogstuff. Cheers, David Tangye.