11 June 2008

Bleeding good?

I went to the Perth Blood Bank yesterday morning, & donated.

They had a sign up pleading urgently for platelets, so I asked about that & donated those & plasma (apheresis) instead.

I wound up giving a double lot (2/3 of a billion platelets, over 600ml of plasma) & did it so well (56 minutes instead of 59, no interruptions or crises) that they want me back in a month instead of three.

A nurse named Beatrice (“Bee,” an Indian-based lass of about 30) will even be studying the results.

I had a happy little coincidence in arriving, as well. The #344 bus which I’d planned to be on went through earlier than expected, so I grabbed an 887 & rolled up at 07:30 instead of 07:00 as was written on the card, which turned out to be a good thing, as the 07:00 was a mistake, the blood centre didn’t open up until 07:30 anyway [links to the shiny new Google Transit, featuring TransPerth].

Happy little coincidences are good — more useful than you would expect (or at least more useful than I would expect) — as they help to offset some of life’s traumas, & help to (hopefully) re-build a trashed self-image, piece by piece.

Speaking of which, please call 131495 now to book your own short, painless (well, almost) & potentially life-saving visit.

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