25 May 2008

Week of helping people

This week, helped 4 different Mums struggle with unwieldy prams (& even less wieldy kinder), prompted a definite raise in morale for at least 8 people (made the day of at least one of them, a “fat” (hah!) wonder whose name is not Sarah), relieved Australian Geographic of a pair of projecting clocks for just over $20 ea (line price ~$90 ea), unexpectedly arrived with a cup of coffee for a Chinese-Malay princess, provided a full set of bedding for a Sudanese family...

Sure there was something else... oh, yes, spotted a pair of dolphins playing under Canning Bridge... & ate at Cafe 7 again, twice — delicious as always. (-: Perth is an excellent place, naysayers can go looking for a train in Hobart :-)

Could really, really do with a few more people explaining “why” for certain issues, though. Life would be great if it weren’t for a few gaping pieces of damage remaining, undermining all else.

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