31 May 2008

“Local” weather

I wandered out for a quiet walk at 09:00 this morning, packing an umbrella because I’d been told that Rottnest (~50km away) was seeing 102km/h winds. I wondered how long that would take to migrate to Perth. The wind outside was a moderate breeze.

We didn’t get those gales, but around 10:00 to 11:00 we took a reasonable amount of rain — thank you, mine host, for that warning — plus some excellent, rumbling big-drums effects & now I see that this afternoon we’re seeing 115km/h winds in the hills, & patchy thunderstorms everywhere else.

It feels comfortable to “know” an area well enough to have a rough idea of how these things will work out, without having to much think about it.

This weather doesn’t look too good for the ~5km (walking or cycling) trip to a decent, good-value rest-err-wrong for tea, but we’ll see what happens at the time.

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