12 May 2008

Thank You, TransPerth

Today, I piled onto a train at Cottesloe (after one of a long series of medical appointments) with a pushbike, & used my backpack to chock the back wheel to prevent the ’bike from rolling fore & aft.

By the time I got to Perth, I’d become so involved with other passengers that I simply walked off with the ’bike into Northbridge, leaving backpack, laptop, bike-lights, torch, food & numerous other items aboard.

CSO Gail radioed Bassendean Station, who found & rescued the backpack intact, returning it on another train about 20 mins after I’d walked away.

Good thing, too, since said laptop had/has legal documents on it which will help to short out some of the lies being told against me by others.

Note to self: plug new hard-disk in (& SO-DIMMs), keep old as a backup.


etbe said...

I suspect that the majority of people who read your blog come from Planet Linux Australia, and have the same amount of background knowledge as me. If that is the case then they will also have little knowledge of all the lies etc to which you regularly refer.

If you are going to mention things then I think it would be good if you could provide enough information to inform the majority of your readers about the matters to which you refer.

Leon Brooks said...

etbe: sorry, not permitted to. )-: