05 May 2008

I 8 Jess, gay on phone

Technically relevant? Not even slightly.

Today, I accumulated my 8th new Jess in two weeks. She was a bit disgruntled about another Jess whom I’m gently torturing with chocolate biscuits (& attends gym regularly, & is stunningly slim, & plays the dumb blonde so skillfully but is the only staff member at that workplace who hits proxy sites to get past web filtering) but was still helpful & good value like the other 7 new Jesses plus 3 pre-existent Jesses. Tomorrow’s torture plan is a bowl-full of Arnott’s Mint Slice Balls on Jess Pre-Existent-3’s desk.

I also had some fun with a school-girl (about 15-16yo) on a #64 bus from Warwick Station: she was speaking VERY LOUDLY with her dad on her mobile ’phone, so I continued the conversation VERY LOUDLY to the obvious amusement of many other bus passengers.

When she finished with the ’phone, she (loudly) stated “My Dad is so gay!”

I looked non-plussed at her for a few seconds, then asked, “Um... so... how did you get here?”

She went bright red, & there was raucous laughter from the other school-kiddies. She was reduced to incoherent mumbling, & as we happened to disembark at the same stop (Warwick Supermarket), she fled up Beach Road rather than face either my grin or the heckling of her mates.

That was certainly an example of “hung by your tongue” & I think there’ll be quiet second thoughts before she slags off her parents in public again. (-:

Oh, I’ll sneak some technical relevance in here anyway. Mandriva 2008.1’s installer botches RAIDed /boot partitions — doesn’t complain about them, just botches them. That means a non-RAIDed /boot partition & a manual change to /etc/fstab before grub can be re-run after a drive failure, but it’s not a big issue.

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