19 May 2008

Fitness factlets

  • When one has been walking kilometers every day, & cycling tens of km every day, one has one’s muscles tuned for walking or cycling, not running;
  • After lugging a flying fox up a hill again 8 times, one needs to keep lugging the ’fox back every so often lest one’s muscles seize up;
  • Fit 5-yo or 9-yo boys can soldier straight through/over stuff again & again which one must then struggle past, & one’s adult companions are sufficiently daunted by that they detour;
  • Suddenly-absent Thandis leave a massive social hole about equivalent to a missing hut-full of mere mortals, & deflate most of the joy of physically conquering obstacles;
  • Riding on a 4WD will get you up the hill faster — at a certain encased-mud cost through the brook crossing. (-:

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