07 May 2008

double-booking Berne, chocolate shortbread

Had a couple of little strokes of happiness in the last few days (don’t make up for the irrecoverable king-hit of recent weeks — co-starring medical symptoms & other consequences — but...) in that when I went looking for Eric Berne TA books, the library had one of many which they are getting in for me — in a while — & book-shops “could get” for $$$ I don’t have... then in Elizabeth’s (Perth branch) I found “What do you say after you say Hello?” which is an excellent primer. To my surprise, today I found “Games People Play” in a random 2nd-hand bookshop in Warwick (one of the benefits of a push-bike over busses is the ability to dally for a while en route).

The mint-slice balls were only half-effective (paranoia saw about half given away), but I got to drop a little basket of chocolated short-breads before a random Real Estate receptionist (also very slim, concept of “fat” self-evidently ludicrous, appreciated help making tabs work right on MS-Word) today, which earned her a bunch of interested friends.

Tech micro-blurb: suspending my laptop to disk, as well as maintaining a really-fictitious uptime, also makes dodgy wireless links survive overnight.

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