08 May 2008


Discovered a new mode of learning yesterday, & that I have used it all along (I match up bullet for bullet down the characteristics list).

Sister’s kinder are very much VSL.

Know a pre-teen who is probably going to crash during primary school because he’s begun to collide with the non-VSL techniques used in State School, finds school “boring” (a word which evidently carries a heavy freight of meaning for this bright young lad).

Another branch to the tree is emotive learning, which I’ve not explored yet, but sister’s 2nd-last munchkin is an absolute genius at it (as in, I don’t understand the detail, but I can see the little light come on as she flashes to a conclusion far faster than I’m able to).

Know another pre-teen in which this mode also is not being addressed.

Sigh. /ME wishes for a perfect world in which not only was the understanding wider spread, but social politics didn’t intervene with communicating it in time.


Major said...

Interesting. I come out pretty VSL myself

I did like

AS: Is well-organized
VSL: Creates unique methods of organization

Leon Brooks said...

A VSL Major doesn’s surprise me at all. Pretty sure DLE was as well.

In fact, a growing number of computer-oriented people are conceptually standing up to be counted. (-:

Major said...

I agree that Dean was primarily VS but he also had near perfect recall which allowed him to perform well in environments which would normally favor auditory-sequential.

I could *so* use that ability now.