11 May 2008

Cafe 7

Wandered up through Landsdale on the pushbike today, & found Cafe 7 open for lunch — on a Sunday.

Having enjoyed a great nosh-up there with Matt, fixing computers at a local school, I asked about when would be best (the place was absolutely packed at 09:30, guessing Mothers’ Day had something to do with this) for lunch, & wheeled back in at 14:00.

Lunch was absolutely delicious; these people seem to have refined the art of using serious food (e.g. rice) backgrounded by scrumptious stuff & cooking it so the flavour is spread throughout rather than blanded.

I was able to get something reasonably low-fat, plus veggo (hi, Steph! :-), for about the price of two burgers from one of the fast-food chains.

Their choc-milk is not exactly low-fat (it includes both cream & real ice-cream), but was so delicious that I “had” to order a second. (-:

The staff were very helpful, spontaneously offering to rearrange the table so I got a clear view of the wide-screen DVD showing (“Hedge,” which the munchkins from a nearby Islamic family were audibly excited about, parents liked that fact that most (if not all) of the food was Halal) & checking on the progress of my meal without being intrusive at all.

The Cafe itself is here, in Landsdale Forum, just a tad east of Wanneroo Road (take either Kingsway or Gnangara Road to the east) & there’s plenty of parking.

There’s an IGA supermarket next door, a video store, a few other conveniences. They’re open Sundays, weekdays, & most Saturday nights.

Oh, & they have a range of cakes, muffins & icecream that I didn’t dare to try at the time — but I’m sure you’ll be glad if you do. (-:

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