31 May 2008

Another tortellini...

...also very delicious, again. Thank you, Café 7.

Also watched a guy setting up & warming up to play Sax or Flute with some accompanying music there, swapped instrument, compressed-format & MIDI tales. Could almost feel my digestion improving with each reedily-warm note.

Met a new Café waitress, a young lass with a name spelt the proper Gaelic way. Being new, she was nervous about getting everything right, but was patient & careful so that everything did work out right. (-:

She seemed familiar with the music & it turns out that she sings as well (as does her Mum).

This place is getting awesomely attractive, building as a collection of very small things rather than a single, failure-prone do-or-die effort.

It starts with the obviously good food, works out through features like the music, artwork & (during the day) DVDs like Madagascar, & celebrates a finale on an amazingly helpful & cheerful (but not intrusive) team spirit.

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