21 April 2008


Uh, should also mention work. I’ve literally got too much to do — two full days booked (bloke concerned is taking his family to Phuket from tomorrow, poor blighter, likes Thai food & all, kids drinking from glasses with little umbrellas? :-), plus another one (maybe Wednesday) plus another half somewhere, so I’m definitely going to blow my 15 hour budget this week.

On top of this, I need to find & move into a new residence.

Glad I have a scanner, it came in handy for scanning a little wonder-girl’s artwork to (literally) illustrate a point. Makes me feel so much more expressive (-: hears chorus, “as if he needs to!” :-) & complete.

OBTW, Thandi’s recommendation of appears to have tripled my weight-loss this last week, thanks again. Hmmm. Getting to thank that lass a fair bit now. Well... it does feel good. (-:

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Leon Brooks said...

Also had one difficult-to-get-to server come good, & it was a lesson in presumption.

When I’d initially set it up, I’d been told that it would be DMZed, so it set the firewall (ipchains) up to block everything but allow known-useful traffic inwards.

In the event, it went into the NATted area but didn’t get DMZed.

I’d set OpenSSH up to listen on port 2222 (as usual, to help it miss being port-scanned) but when I had to reset the router, I had it port-forward external TCP/2222 to internal 22, but failed to open a firewall port for the “new” port because I’d forgotten about the DMZing.

The server kept right on functioning, but I couldn’t clock onto it to to adjust any settings, which I needed to do to get it to feed some more secondary DNSes.

As it turned out, I had to whizz past on a bus on Friday, so I grabbed the opportunity, walked in, sat down, & spent maybe 30 seconds finding & fixing the fault. (-: