10 April 2008

People, wormholes in space, updates

I’ve run into another decent set of people, whose ISP (InterNode, & they’re on a RIM, so have a limited range of choices) also features a Mandriva mirror, so my laptop was able to do a monster update last night without banging on their quota.

The cute little dogs are a bit inquisitive but the crying-age baby is a great little fellow. He cries with a tone that tells you that he’s impatient to be answered rather than in desperate despair — which is, in an odd way, quite relaxing.

About a week ago, I misplaced an older-style tickey-type wristwatch, with no idea where it had vanished to. It popped out of the lost-pen wormhole yesterday, amongst a stack of collected paperwork.

The laptop update was surprising large for a week or so, including cups, firefox, totem & a number of other medium-budget systems which all added up.

My Ubuntu workstation has an antenna, & Internode mirrors them too, so tonight’s extravaganza will include updating that. It has a number of great games for a borderline machine, so I have to hope that there’s some, well, 4-8 year olds around my next — more long-term — residence to enjoy them.

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