09 April 2008

Mystery hardware fix, bonus health issue

The ethernet interface built into the motherboard of a PC failed a few weeks ago, so I plugged a new $10 one into a PCI slot & all was happy again.

Then the switch the PC was plugged into (a 15yo KingMax) died, & actually shut down (not killed) every ethernet interface plugged into it (each device needed power cycling to fix) so I grabbed a new $25 TP-Link switch & plugged everything through that. No worries.

A day later, the dead motherboard interface revived itself, but of course was not plugged into the switch so failed to connect. Figuring out that the flaming thing had fixed itself took me nearly an hour. )-:

Harbouring dark suspicions, I’ve left the PCI card in place for an easy fix next time (hmmm, should have taken an extra Cat5 cable along to plug it in also).

Meanwhile, back at health, events which I shall not describe have turned my hair reasonably grey.

A friend recommended — for unrelated reasons — that I take B6, B12, Folic Acid, E & I threw in some garlic. To my pleased surprise (about a month later) when I put some tea-tree shampoo through my hair (which I’ve been avoiding out of habit since “management” constantly complained about it) said hair turned out to be remarkably darker, less grey.

Hmmm. Maybe I should remember & turn over more complaints?

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