09 April 2008

Following the directions — almost

As I was packing up to leave Freo, a dear little old lady wandered in the door of 13-15 SomeRandom St, found the doorbells, & pressed #13, #14 & #15, reciting “13 to 15” as she did.

Then she grew puzzled as she failed to find #46.

I asked her who she was looking for, & her response was “the cardiac centre” — which matches one of the offices next door to the apartments. Office #46, in fact.

A resident of one of the apartments, summoned by the doorbell, then came on air & also proceeded to explain that the cardiac centre was next door.

The building’s number, 13-15, is emblazoned on the wall outside the apartments’ entrance, & not the office entrances.

The carpark, at the #15 end of the building, has a tasteful “#13” tag, & the elevator, at the #13 end, proclaims itself to be of #15. Numbers without number. Worse than FoCal. (-:

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