13 April 2008

Amazing weight-loss secret: children

Well, yes, I know that women do suddenly lose half a dozen kilos or so when giving birth, but that wasn’t what I had in mind. Yet. (-:

Spent much of lunch-time yesterday giving two children (a 4yob & a nearly-6yog) “dizzy-whizzies” which was more or less fine until we actually ate lunch, after which the effort of keeping 20kg or so airborne for a few minutes at a time became kind of hard.

Others (not related) were worried that the kinder might chuck, but they would’ve warned me (always have done so in time before) & I was more worried about me chucking. (-:

Guessing I lost at least half a kilo in the process, & the munchkins undeniably enjoyed themselves.

Oh, yes, & spent some time walking a 7-week-old around last night, which wasn’t near as exhausting but was very satisfying as his Mum & Dad both had a break (escaped the butterflies for over half an hour) as well as his small self actually relaxing & getting some very small Z’s out.

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