15 April 2008

4 3 2 1... kilos

This isn’t very technical, but is very encouraging. (-:

On the recommendation of a friend (whose children are very happy that she’s gone beyond complaining about being “fat” (if you knew her, you’d laugh, she causes accidents rather than jeering) to actually doing something about it), I’m trying some stuff named which is a detox tea, available from pharmacies.

Certain others with a (very rational) KFC aversion might also find it useful.

The idea is to drink at least a litre of this stuff (suitably diluted with Adam’s Ale AKA H2O) each day for 10 days, which both ups your fluid intake & also does some digestive purging.

It also has an interesting ingredient known as ogliofructose, which is a special kind of sugar (fructose) which skips your upper intestine & dissolves (gently) in your lower.

As well as not making you fat, OF wipes out a number of nasty digestive lifeforms, helps diabetes sufferers, carts more soluble fibre down to the lower intestine, & is generally good stuff to eat.

Anyway, back at practical results, that makes 8^H 9kg I’ve lost so far (almost down by 2x “Adam”s (a different Adam to the Ale one)), & while I see no appetite suppressors in the mix, I’ve been able to walk past fatty foods much more easily than before.

There has been one, um, side-effect in that after eating some very delicious chilli-based food, I washed it down with a slug of only to discover that it amps up the effects of the chilli enormously, so I spent five minutes breathing carefully through a cooling mouth (-: only drinkable things around were high-fat :-). Other than that, it’s been excellent!

Oh, I did wuss out on one factor: I didn’t quite have the intestinal fortitude to get plain flavour, but settled for peach — but I didn’t descend as far as the morning-&-evening capsules. So... I’m not as strong as said friend, or in other words she can laugh & point at her wussy follower (me) as I struggle through the process after her.

Thank you, Thandi [a personal handle rather than a conventional name] for showing yourself to be wonderful in yet another way (she’s not short of them) by restraining your snickering to yourself, as well as by setting a sterling example of integrity & resolution. Oh, yes, & for carefully, lovingly raising wonderful kinder as well. (-:


Leon Brooks said...

Hmmm. Day Three... now coffee tastes odd.



Major said...

Just to split one of your sentences into two so that no-one gets confused (the way I did then I first read it) and goes off eating "diet-safe" fructose.

"[...] ingredient known as ogliofructose, which is a special kind of sugar (fructose) which skips your upper intestine & dissolves (gently) in your lower".

1. Fructose is perfectly capable of being absorbed in the small intestine -- in fact more directly than sucrose which has to be converted to glucose and fructose in order to be absorbed.

2. Ogliofructose is a short chain of fructose molecules which cannot be absorbed in the small intestine and are fermented (beware common side effect flatulence) in the bowel and only sparingly absorbed (less common side effect diarrhea).

Leon Brooks said...

Thanks Major, for the simple clarification. (-:

Leon Brooks said...

Up (down) past 9.5kg, verging on 10kg, wondering whether to celebrate with some of the bulk choc that Kakulis have on special for under $9 a kg... (-:

Very happy about friend’s recommendation, now. Definitely support kidz’ good cheer. (-:

Ninereeds said...

Is the a tea, or is it a concentrate that comes in glass bottles in a box?

I went looking and couldn't find any tead - loose or bags