21 April 2008

10kg, modern conveniences

OK, down by ten whole kilograms now.

Supermodel status next month. (-:

Thandi’s looking leaner & fitter than ever, too (an achievement by itself, believe me), she doesn’t need a diet to attract blokes so much as a big, sharp, pointy stick to keep them at bay (-: or one to deputise with the task :-)

Getting spoiled by this residence again. Little Adam has done something I wouldn’t have credited as possible: made me go all clucky. (-:

The full-time ADSL has local (traffic not accounted) mirrors for both of the Linux distros I use (Mandriva, Ubuntu) & also wireless, so I’ve updated this laptop & also my desktop machine.

The next person to squark about “the Asian invasion” gets laughed at by me, as yesterday the local Woollies elected to not open, but a little Viet supermarket next door was open & trading by 07:00. To the delight of a Diane at CentreLink, they also stocked Ginger Tea (as do the two in Girrawheen shops) & the usual miscellaneous collection of noodles & biscuits.

Visited the crew back in Doubleview, so now I can tick that last bike tube off the ever-growing to-do list (thank you!). The thorn-proof tube was a bit of a battle to get on, being so thick & stiff, but I think if anyone wants to puncture it now, they’ll need a hammer, a nail, & considerable patience. (-:

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