10 March 2008

The Triangle turns

A while ago, I wrote a post on the Karpmann Drama Triangle.

Today, I had the mixed satisfaction of experiencing a highly qualified psychiatrist carefully explaining that yes, I had been forced into one, & then pointing out the roles, & the people matching them, pretty much exactly as I’d deduced them to be.

She also identified specific damages & risks, again pretty much along the lines I’d deduced.

She also prescribed an acronym city to help me physically deal with the damage done.

So... I may be “mad” to make such posts, but now I’m “officially” mad! Or call it “professionally” mad. That sounds so much more, well, formal. (-:

1 comment:

Leon Brooks said...

The existence of the destructive, self-centred, meddling, intrusive, fussy people living out the pleasantly-named but actually-damaging Rescuer role was deduced (I hadn’t mentioned anyone matching the role) from scratch.

Shrink also made a very good guess at their collective character, which impressed me, & hints that they’re a common factor in a well-known kind of problem — but doesn’t necessarily promise an antidote.