28 March 2008

Today’s odd behaviour...

...has been young children spontaneously deciding that I’m marvellous, & wanting a cuddle.

This started with a 3yob “going to see grampa” with his grandmother at Cottesloe Train Station.

This kid had a very solid build (solid, not fat) for a 3yo, in fact looked about 5yo, & was running around prodding buttons & the like — had to be grabbed by grandmother before hitting the Emeregency call button — so you could put it down to sheer exuberance, but the others were a complete non-plus, e.g. walking through a Subiaco shopping centre & get spotted by (guessing) 4yog.

I feel impelled to point out that I really don’t know these kids (or caretakers), am wearing black jeans, boots & a black LCA2006 shirt (so not especially colourful or attractive in any way), no not meet eyes or do anything to “buy” attention, do not frequent the areas concerned, <shrug> really don’t understand.

<shrug mode="again"> seems to have simply stopped at about lunch time.

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