14 March 2008

Tests, ’Bart, misc

For those of you who are interested in medical factlets, apparently the psych damage I’ve been taking has conspired to whiz my cholesterol levels up from mediocre to oops — otherwise weird for a more-or-less veggo. So... farewell chocolates, eggs, cream, non-lo-fat milk, anything else I can find to dispose of. Hello, 85kg or less.

Amongst other things in my life, I’m apparently moving to Hobart, so any residents therein, please chirp up with tips. You can also mail me at forename splat cyberknights dot com dot au, especially if the details get very specific. I’m looking for a small house or farmlet rather than a flat, doesn’t have to be central, does need to be near public transport & have DSL. As a separate issue, I might also need somewhere to stay for days or weeks when I arrive, while I sort out a residence.

In contrasting advice, I’m under medical instructions to defer the move to Hobart for as long as possible — unfortunately for that idea, I have to go, soon.

In sort-of related news, I was surprised to have one of the wonderful people in my life identified as “if there is any single factor, they’ve kept you out of a padded cell over the last few months.” So, next time someone claims “You drive me mad!” they can reply along the lines of “On the contrary, highly qualified people rate me as a strong sanity factor” as an alternative to “Yeah, that’s understandable” or the like.


Shermozle said...

I would strongly recommend you get somewhere within range of BATHURST exchange if you want anything resembling decent Internet. Telstra have a monopoly on transit bandwidth, and charge competitors accordingly. There's dark fibre across the ditch that the state government, who paid for it, have been too useless to light up.

Bathurst is Internode's only ADSL2+ exchange in the state.

Martin Theiler said...

Even I would like to know some of the names from where I can get some really decent bandwidth of internet connection.

Leon Brooks said...

In WA, oddly enough, you can get DSL1 (up to 8Mb) almost anywhere, definitely including Kellerberrin, Bullsbrook East & Dongara.

Perth Metro would have DSLAMs (2/2+ capable) in almost any exchange for one or more of AmNet, WestNet, iiNet or some combination of the above.

Meanwhile, relatives 30km from Mt Barker, 45km from Albany, needed to get in satt to have anything broader than dialup happen.

Leon Brooks said...

shermozle: not sure where Bathurst exchange is, exactly, but Bathurst St appears to be bang in the middle of Hobart.

How would I go in Rosny Park, Warrane, Mornington, Cambridge?

Leon Brooks said...

On a less Hobart-oriented note, I’ve now hit the B6, B12, Folic, E, garlic & specifically anti-cholesterol margarine as a first step towards peeling off the psych damage with the hope of resuming a (ha!) normal life once more.

This was on recommendation from a friend who is also veggo, slim (probably about 60% of my weight), low-fat etc but suddenly had ridiculous cholesterol problems also — but has managed them thusly for many years.

Interestingly enough, his medical oddness happened in a stressful situation where the stress was being imposed by a single unreasonable person making basically impossible demands of him.

Apparently, stress in that kind of pattern triggers digestive reactions vaguely akin to allergies, so that the useful components which would restrict cholesterol levels to reasonable values are not absorbed, the cholesterol remains un-dealt-with, accumulates, & eventually kills. Hyper-loading with said “useful components” seems to override the non-absorbtion.

Hmmm. Should investigate this more so I can use real words in more meaningful ways.

Leon Brooks said...

Yay, I need more oddness in my life.

Donated some blood this morning in the Perth centre & the nurse had problems (for the first time ever) finding a vein in my right arm.

You’d think that with too much cholesterol (& another little oddness which yields slightly too much iron in my blood) I’d have no trouble finding blood to give, but I guess that’ll also get chalked up against psych damage.

In the end, a different nurse found a vein in my left arm (in front of the screws holding that elbow together) & smoothly drew out 470ml of life to spend on someone else.

Given that it takes only a few minutes, is generally flawless, & provides valuable medical supplies for people who actually need them, can I most strongly recommend picking up that telephone handset — just there — & dialling 131495 now to arrange doing the same donation?