04 March 2008

Some people, it seems, actively avoid genuine help

A few of the people I know are wary of being helped by me, personally, because they’re aware that they don’t know the full story, so they’re overly cautious. This trips processes over, causes minor losses & damage, & is generally annoying but their point of view is rational & reasonable: they know that they don’t know, which in turn means that it’s sensible to remain at least a little unsure of how I’ll react, even if it occasionally gets socially-expensive.

Now, that doesn’t mean that I have to like the procedure, but it does leave room for me to understand, to sympathise, & to some degree to work around these difficulties.

For the next part of the tale, we’ll be dealing with The Recipient. It would be normal to abbreviate that as “Rec.” In this case, however, “Wreck’ seems to be a better fit.

Wreck receives money from me occasionally through a bank account. They routinely drain the account completely dry, even though they know that they’re going to want to use it (e.g. for EFTPOS), & that every month the bank zaps the account for $5 in account-keeping fees.

So... a few days ago, I noticed that the account had been run down to $0.00, & generously (Wreck is not specifically entitled to any extras here) deposited an extra $5 plus a handful of cents to cover the account fee.

The next day, Wreck pushed exactly $5 to another account, which renders the gift $ entirely ineffective.

That night, the bank took their $5, which sent the account negative, which raised another $35 honouring fee.

I’m guessing Wreck will ring the bank & plead with them to waive the fee, which they may (or may not) do.

Why “Wreck”?

Because something like that happens just about every month.

Wreck is actively avoiding prevention of the damage Wreck raises, & will no doubt go on to plead poor.

Hello? $35 a month is over $400 a year. That’s a complete set of tyres for a car, or a good budget meal for 3 people every day for 4½ months, or a flight across the Nullarbor each way (& then some). It‘s even sillier than a smoker pleading poor.


Leon Brooks said...

I gather that this ’blog post got read. I’ve just been cut off from that account completely.

Very constructive, very imaginative — not — & about on par with the ongoing slide into Nicolaitanism The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades.

Leon Brooks said...

It seems that Wreck has closed the account.

I suspect that if you knew the story behind that, you’d agree that this was a serious Darwin Award competitor.