13 March 2008

So silence falls...

...well, a little bit, anyway.

There are now some people I’m no longer allowed to refer to on my ’blog, which is one of a number of ridiculous-seeming handicaps which have been enforced upon me recently, along with a number of... imaginative accusations; & of course that means that I’m not allowed to tell you who they are.

If you notice anyone censored from what I post now, that may be the reason.

I’m also not supposed to post “personal” stuff, which is a pretty nebulous term, but I think I gather a reasonable understanding of what the invoker of that ban meant, so I’ll be carefully avoiding certain subject matter.

Thankfully, there is no serious way that I can read “computer stuff” into that directive, so I should be able to post about getting a QuickCam Communicate STX & making it run with Skype on my laptop under Mandriva 2008.0.


greebo said...

Hi Leon,

I think if anyone is trying to tell you what to write on your blog (or not write) then you should remind them that the blog is yours, and they are very welcome to not read it. It is just not right trying to censor someone. Sometimes I get cranky or disagree with other people's views, but I'd never try to shut them down in this way.

In the case of someone not wanting to be named, there can sometimes be a case for it, but it sounds like some people are being a bit sensitive.

Leon Brooks said...

Hi, Pippa!

I appreciate the sentiment, very much.

Unfortunately, the “no ID” ban means that I can’t describe the purporters too closely. The ban includes any “web site that you manage” & probably, in practice, posts to mailing lists etc.

When this is all over bar the shouting, I’ll have a good, careful think about what actually is admissible, & take it from there.