06 March 2008

NDE: an azalea with a trailea

Well... probably not so much a Near Death Experience as a Near Hospitalisation With Broken Limbs Experience.

The reference to azaleas is from the movie The Man With Two Brains.

Whizzing down the hill on Brighton Road, Doubleview (right to left, past the dark vehicle shown on the map), when a chap strolls out of the shops, looks around, climbs into his car — with trailer — starts it, checks in the rear-view mirror, then pulls out & does a U-turn across the road. Slowly.

Chances of stopping this push-bike in the space not provided? About zero.

So I carefully optimised my path to squeeze between the tail of the trailer & the protruding chunk of kerb... & let’s just say that I’m glad I was wearing some skinny jeans, because floppy cuffs (or a carelessly placed pedal) would certainly have caught on the end of the tailgate (instead of just brushing it with heart-stopping suddenness), causing me to slam sideways into the kerb & following driveway at about 40km/h.

Yes, I was wearing my stack-hat, which probably would have helped, but still would’ve broken at least an arm, & probably have gutted myself across the handlebars.

Y’know, there are times I wish I had a boring life, & that was one of them.

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