07 March 2008

Making coffee gentler with spice

Ordinary powdered coffee from a tin/jar has a tendency to contain stuff (preservatives? not sure) which sends me a bit troppo, & it also has effects which kick in quite strongly, leading one to go from vaguely tired to an incredibly overshot awakefulness.

However, some ingenious Indonesians have found a simple way to make this all manageable — yet attractive.

Intra® Jahe Kopi” comes in boxes of 20 bungkus, each of 25g, & it’s basically Ginger Coffee.

As unlikely a combination as this may seem to some, the spicy ginger adds a nice bouquet (or whatever; pick a fancy word you like) to the flavour, yet makes consuming enormous amounts difficult.

The result is that you (well, I) can enthusiastically consume the stuff without losing the plot: allegro ma non troppo.

It’s a moderately gentle way of remaining alert. Oh, & it tastes excellent! (-:

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