12 February 2008

Y’know, 2 days is a looooong time...

...to spend whizzing across a flat spot in a train.

Some of the eagles were impressive. I lost count of the number of thousands of concrete sleepers stacked alongside the tracks. There are a few hysterical^H^H^Hhistorical spots worth seeing. A mine-site. Oh, & looots ’n’ lots ’n’ lots of flat dirt, sometimes interspersed with saltbush.

Plus the odd freight-train or few (including one which broke down west of Kalgoorlie, clagging the line for an hour & a half). The front-end loader with a flat tyre about 500km from the nearest civilisation in SA was quite memorable.

Some of the bush in towards Perth was actually quite pretty. As was a 22yo German passenger while she self-chiropracted during reaching up to fetch her bag from a rack at about 04:00 this morning.

Some of the perambulations & gyrations undertaken by seat (not “sleeper”) passengers while they attempted to rearrange themselves for comfortable rest were also quite amazing.

The food was also quite non-rippily priced for a captive market, which was a good thing considering that I finished the trip with $1.25 spare (after buying a bus/train ticket at the East Perth station).

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