09 February 2008

Wormholes in space?

Douglas Adams once wrote about pens sneaking through wormholes in space to a planet of their own, where they built a peaceful biroid civilisation.

I think I’ve just run across a similar situation.

I recently opened my suitcase to match a loose sock against its pair-mate, & discovered — sitting more-or-less in plain view — a battery charger (& three AA cells) which I had been completely unable to find (despite disassembling the suitcase, the backback, & pretty much the entire room) at my last stop.

The charger unit is a single unit about the size of a plug-pack (~5x6x2cm), so kind of difficult to overlook in a suitcase maybe 100x60x20cm.

This find, with the recovery of my soldering iron, screwdrivers, side-cutters & solder, makes me glad that my next hop will not be on an aeroplane.

In fact, due to Metro thoughtfulness, I can be dropped in the nearest town centre (a couple of km, I could walk it easily enough... even dragging the subsequently-mentioned ’case), take a bus down to the city on any hour, take another bus (a different service to the one which did not arrive last time) across the few kilometers to the interstate railway station, & sit quietly on a train (sans endless suitcase-lugging) with plenty of hours to spare.

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