03 February 2008

Tas Ka, tas-tee

Tas Ka is a little Asian food shop, down on Malvern Road about a block away from here.

I say “Asian” rather than naming a country style like Thai or Viet, simply because they don’t. I see Thai & Malay flavours but also dishes like “Lemon Chicken” which aren’t tied to a particular nationality.

Either way, they’re quite economical & very tasty.

They are so economical that they have a policy I haven’t seen for a while: little EFTPOS purchases attract a small fee. Still leaves them cheaper than the Thai & Indian places across the road, noticeably cheaper than the pizza place a block towards the city.

The LazyWeb shows mostly Dutch places under that name, with one sole entry amongst Stonnington business listings, but Google Maps knows where to find them.

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