18 February 2008

Swarped SATA

Today’s little head-banger problem: I have a machine with a SiS SATA controller, which offers me two options at boot: no SATA controller, or SATA controller, but with the attached IDE drive defined as /dev/sda.

This presents two problems, because all of the kernels I have available for setting the sucker up to boot order the drives normally (SATA as sda, IDE at hda), so tangling with grub-install gets complicated; & because the systems this is a prototype for have two SATA drives, the (initial) booting member of which will always be defined as sda.

Options at this point appear to be selecting a machine with a different SATA controller, or standing in a second SATA drive for the IDE drive.

I suspect that the faux deity I described to sline is at work again.


Anonymous said...

It's just Eris in disguise.. ;-)


Leon Brooks said...

cs: well, it looks like we need to understand the ERIS acronym better.

Everything Revolts In Synchrony?

Effort Results In Setbacks?

Even Rebuke Is Senseless?

Leon Brooks said...

Workaround solution was another SATA drive.

Seems to copy stuff about 30% faster SATA-SATA than SATA-IDE. SCP over 100Mb ethernet is now only about 15% as fast as dd with gzip (still... not bad considering ssh’s all encrypted).

Leon Brooks said...

cs: Nyx’s Eris seems frighteningly like a large Magisterium-based software manufacturer: likeable for a few, but hell on wheels for anyone paying attention.

Stephen Thorne said...

I blogged about this kinda crap this week.

To get it to boot while transitioning between hda and sda, you need to set up labels (tune2fs -L ..), use an initrd, and use a root=LABEL=/ arg in your grub.

And delete device.map.

Leon Brooks said...

st: thanks for that, it’ll save me a lot of grotting about.