20 February 2008

Sorry, that’s electric history?

The ThunderBolts crew have dug up another interesting chunk of history: a hirsute Venus.

The Ringu-Ringu people of central Queensland, “call the star Venus mimungoona or big eye” & assert that “no water exists in the star, but there are ropes which hang from its surface to the earth, by means of which the dwellers visit our planet from time to time, & assuage their thirst.”
Quotes in there from Jumbapoingo & other local crew.

Needless to say, these guys didn’t exactly have a Mount Palomar kicking around to observe these kinds of things with, so it follows that in the past these effects are likely to have been more visible, such as during each ion storm.

Little pieces of history like this are socio-locally interesting, as they reveal how “unqualified” people do in fact observe “impossible” things — & sometimes reconstruct them, in various ways. A habit, it seems, inherited by y’all FOSS hackers.

Another interesting electric quote:

faint supercluster-scale radio emissions at 326 megahertz between the Coma galaxy cluster & the Abell 1367 cluster. Given that radiation of that frequency must be produced by free electrons moving at certain very high speeds, we can infer magnetic-field strengths of 0.03-0.06 nanotesla stretching for some 490 million light-years. This corresponds to a galactic current of nearly 1019 amperes
Not a spot-welder to safely ignore!

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