08 February 2008

Next stop on the Perthwards trek

Yes, there are another bunch of people willing to give me a fair go (despite foreknowledge of my sense of humour), & a pleasure to share a super-veggie-burger thingy with (including tasty capsicum), plus some roast (including some surprisingly tasty roast jalapenos) plus friends & company of those friends’ children.

Once again said fair go is an inconceivably effective therapy against ages of being beaten down, & against repeated programming of the mantra “you are useless & can do nothing right or successful.”

Thank you — once more — digital community, for raising & releasing such excellent people.

Next time anyone criticises you for this attitude, you can simply laugh: it works, it is powerful, positive & progressive, none of which they can match (they’re left — by their own choice — with mere whining & selfish manipulation, each of which is (in its own way) self-punishing).

These are practical arguments against which no amount of verbal diarrhoea can prevail forever.

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