23 February 2008

Linux & reliability

Got to sit down this morning & read stuff from my laptop — a TwinHead DuraBook Pro 15D running Mandriva Linux 2008.0 — to make sure I’d got it correct (not sure why, but more & more people seem to like what I write & want to use it), & while I was doing this...

Another bloke had to come to terms with the fact that his Windows Vista™©®£¥€ laptop was no longer playing the game, then turn to re-making his presentation by hand. Three or four genuine experts had a go at getting his laptop going, but to no avail.

Ever since Tech Support at a workplace heat-shrunk the dodgy PSU connector, my laptop has been as good as gold... or possibly, platinum. As long as I remember to put the thing in my backpack, I can rely on it absolutely. Viva la pingouin! (-:

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