07 February 2008

Jers checkin’, chicken

I’m a bit of a pedant about checking things like the actual writing on items like booking slips. It avoids mismatches between transport media (bus, train, ’plane, tram etc) on the day.

This paid off in work terms when I stumbled across an installer treating RAID-1’d partitions inconsistently after I’d read some boring text displays on-screen. It paid off “in real life” when I called up my next air booking... to discover that it wasn’t on Sunday, as I’d supposed (to match up with my next hop), but tomorrow.

Thinking back carefully to the late-night session on Monday when I made the actual booking, I remember being bounced because someone had just taken the last (under $6xx... or, for commercial seats, under $1400) Sunday ticket between me bringing up the timetable & me clicking to book it.

Aaanyway... cheap seats aren’t refundable & are expensive to move (50% in this case) so I’m glad I caught it early.

Oh, look, the 80GB drive in the USB caddy has just filled itself up (dd is my friend) — so it’s time to unplug, wander across & visit Clyde.


Leon Brooks said...

After all of the jazzing about from earlier in the week, I had a gander, & the ticket prices have held fairly steady (I’d only need to pay about $75 more now for a seat tomorrow than I actually did on Monday) & there’s even a few more reasonably-cheapoh seats open now than there were then.

I wonder what major social event or astrological jiggery-pokery would bring many people to can or move their tickets?

Leon Brooks said...

Oh, also would like to thank Kim & Janet for making the train interface painless & smooth.

It’s the zillion or so “small” items like this which fall together to make a visit (or a conf) thoroughly pleasant & enjoyable, as contrasted with irritating, worried & distracted. Glad to see it working well in both assignments.