21 February 2008

In camera

Found an unusual use for a camera just now. Not stunning scenery, not beautiful people, not magnificent sunsets, not (as one hack would have it) brown trout on the beach at Sydney... this time, it was the back of a stove.

Mine hosts have acquired themselves a replacement electric stove, as the old one was getting a tad dodgy.

Just how dodgy, they discovered when it came out: there were two “active” leads, one red... & one green/yellow. Oooh. This might explain one of the pre-blown 15-amp fuses in the fuse-board.

The wires from the fuses (red & white) lead (with a black neutral cable from the neutral block) into a 3-core cable which emerges (with a bonus external green/yellow lead which really is a ground) in the kitchen.

The photo was of the old, printed, circuit-diagram on the back of the new stove, to be sure that we’d wired it correctly.

The technology enters this story with The GIMP, which was used to restore some detail (GREYCstore plugin), optimise the contrast & brightness, & make the thing genuinely readable.

Got another GIMP demo today at a workplace, where Natalie was struggling to trace a selection within an image in PhotoShop, an action which I have done much more easily myself using massive graphic design inexpertise with said GIMP.

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