20 February 2008

How do you totally block a KDE session from starting?

Bonus points for getting no error messages out of the logs.


Install two dodgy TrueType fonts amongst scores one night, forget about it, then turn the machine on again next morning.

kdm breaks. kde breaks. startx breaks. startx konsole breaks... but startx xterm survives.

So... “konsole” into that yields a SEGFAULT (Signal 11).

Hmmmm. “strace konsole” into that yields consistent death after processing a font named Alphabet_2. Remove Alphabet_2 from /usr/share/fonts/....

strace...” on that yields consistent death after BERLIN_REDRAIN. Sigh. Look forward to an afternoon with rm as your friend. Remove REDRAIN.

Everything springs back to life. Whew!

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Leon Brooks said...

It seems that you can completely unhinge OpenOffice as well... to the point where it puts up a splash-window, half-starts, then silently disappears.

This was one of the Type1 fonts (pfm), & rather than both identifying individual criminals, I shot the lot (the marvels of BASH: for f in $(ls ~path/to/downloads/); do x=$(basename $f .ttf); rm -vf $x.*; done).

It seems that the font installer didn’t actually care that a file named .ttf was actually .pfm. It installed them anyway.