27 February 2008

Food prices

Is amazing how much a little thing can get marked up.

I saw a 50g pack of chips in a vending machine at Whitfords Station today, priced at $2.00.

Put another way, priced at $40.00 a kg. For fried potato.

“Wargh!” I thought, “you could buy good-quality chocolate for less than that!”

I thought, it seems, correctly. While I was grabbing some veggies in Woolworths in the city, I checked, & the typical prices (in 100g lots) were about $30.00-$35.00/kg.

There were a few fancier items up around the $50.00/kg range, but they were rare & isolated.

Hmmm. Seems that buying expensive chips isn’t limited to casinos.

Idly wondered how much software was per kg, since a 20g Ubuntu CD doesn’t cost too much, & does come with free office suites, graphics design suites, 3D editors, games, programming languages, etc.


etbe said...

When I was in Japan I saw beef selling for approximately $350/Kg.

I'm sure it was really great beef by Japanese standards, but by Australian standards it probably wouldn't be regarded so well.

Leon Brooks said...

rs: yeah, that puts the prices for some of their complete exotica back into perspective.

Let’s see... call it a 650kg cow, you’re looking at a cost of a quarter of a million dollars for the whole animal.

I’d tend to go (call me cheap if you like) for the spinach-&-cheese version. (-: especially since we’re facing around 10x the cost of even reasonably exotic cheeses :-)

etbe said...

That price would be for the best cuts of meat. Most of the animal would be cheaper. But $50K for an animal might be possible.

I wonder if they have armed guards when transporting cattle...